A plumbing company offers tips to protect your pipes during the winter | Archive

(KWL) – Brutal winter temperatures can cause a lot of problems for your home, like bursting your pipes.

KWWL spoke to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Company in Cedar Rapids, for tips you can use to protect your pipes.

The first thing you should do is let your faucets run hot and cold, just enough for them to drip. To allow your pipes to warm up, turn up the heat and open your cabinet doors.

Owner Thomas Hutson knows people want to try and save money on energy bills, but said turning up the heat can save you money in the long run.

“A house on the second floor and a water pipe freezes on the second floor and it bursts, I mean the water is flowing through the walls, down to the plasterboard, through the floors down to the basement. ground, so it can do a lot of damage in a short time,” Hutson said.

Being located in Cedar Rapids, Hutson said he has serviced many homes damaged by the derecho. He also added that a common problem they saw in these homes was poor insulation.

“During that storm it moved the insulation, so now what was insulated, now there are gaps in there,” Hutson said, “with winds coming in and that wind finds the pipes and freezes them. , so we find that quite a bit.”

Until you can get a professional to handle it, Hutson recommends that you walk around your house to find and cover drafts as best you can.

Hutson said they’ve also encountered many people who don’t know where their main water cutoff is. If you don’t know where yours is, call an expert to report it so you can avoid major damage.