Acquisition of a long-standing plumbing business in Fresno

The Lee’s Heating & Air team gathers for a morning meeting in this 2018 archive photo.

published on March 11, 2021 – 11:48
Written by Frank Lopez

A 40-year-old Fresno company recently acquired another Fresno company that has been in business for roughly the same time.

Lee’s Air Plumbing & Heating acquired Vern’s Plumbing. Terms of the contract are not disclosed.

Vern’s Plumbing owner Vern Ingram Jr. began business talks with the Lee’s team in November 2020, keen to retire and leave his employees and customers in good hands.

The acquisition includes three of the five employees remaining when Ingram Jr. retired, as well as all of his assets in the Vern’s Plumbing building on Ashlan and Marks avenues, as well as customers.

Josue Solis, director of operations at Lee’s, said that with the acquisition, the company will now be able to offer hydro-jet to clean pipelines and expand into more commercial territories.

Solis said this expansion comes just after Lee’s 40th birthday and in the middle of the rebranding process from Lee’s Air to Lee’s Air, Plumbing, & Heating.

The company has a new logo and its vehicle fleets are getting new packaging.

“We are celebrating 40 years of service, so I think it was time to finally show our established brand,” said Solis.

The company has seen an increase in demand for its air services after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic on the residential and commercial indoor air quality side, Solis said.

While still under construction, Lee’s has acquired a new location to operate in South Fresno on Gearhart Avenue, just off Church Avenue.

“We are excited about the new brand, the acquisition with Vern’s and the continued growth,” said Solis.