Air Canada just announced Covid-tested flights to Italy in July

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If you are a Canadian who dreams of spending the summer in Italy, that reality has just come closer. Air Canada is the first Canadian airline to announce that it will begin operating COVID-tested flights to Rome, Italy, departing from Toronto and Montreal starting in early July.

Air Canada just announced Covid-tested flights to Italy in July

Air Canada launches Covid-tested flights to Italy in July

Air Canada has announced that it will begin operating government-approved and COVID-tested flights to Rome, Italy, departing from Toronto and Montreal starting July 2, 2021.

So far, Air Canada is the only Canadian carrier participating in the program, which offers Canadians the ability to travel to Italy without the need to quarantine.

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How do Covid-tested flights work?

The flights tested by Covid are flights that the Ministry of Health has authorized in which passengers are tested for the virus before and after the flight, which also allows them to skip the 10-day quarantine required by Italy.

All passengers on the flight will be required to provide a negative COVID-19 antigen test, or a molecular test has been performed within 48 hours of departure, submit this declaration by the Italian ministry, complete the passenger tracking form and take another test Covid-19 on arrival in Italy.

All Canadians returning from Italy to Canada must still follow current Covid-19 entry protocols.

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Is Italy open to tourism?

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi last month changed entry requirements for travelers from North America.

Draghi encouraged visitors to come to Italy as he made the announcement. He said they would drop the quarantine for vaccinated passengers and expand the use of Covid-tested flights.

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“Our goal is to reopen Italy for tourism, national and international. The pandemic has had vast economic effects on the tourism industry and we are working to revive it as soon as possible and safely. “

During the announcement, he said travelers from the United States, Canada, Japan and the United Arab Emirates coming on specific flights tested by Covid are allowed to visit in accordance with the new decree, which is in effect until as of June 30, 2021.

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Following the news, Delta and American Airlines announced Covid-tested flights departing from various cities in the United States, calling them “non-quarantine” flights, as arriving on one of them also allows passengers to skip the line. 10-day quarantine in Italy.

Air Canada is the first Canadian airline to launch Covid-tested flights from Canada. Previously, Canadians had entered the United States to take advantage of authorized flights from there to avoid quarantine upon arrival in Italy.

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Can you travel to the rest of Europe?

The EU announced last month that there would be a general easing of restrictions on travelers from countries with low infection rates.

Under the new framework, the new country incidence rate must be less than 75 cases per 100,000 population in order to be included in the safe list, on which Canada would not currently appear.

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However, with the steady rise in vaccination rates and the decline in Covid-19 cases, there is a possibility that Canada will be added to the list by July.

The EU also recommended that vaccinated people also be allowed to vacation in the EU and that member states be free to decide on entry measures such as testing on arrival or the need to quarantine. .

Travel to the EU for third countries will likely be made using the EU’s digital green certificate, which seven EU countries have already started using.

Meanwhile, some European countries like Poland, Romania, Greece, Croatia and Malta have already opened up to tourism, including to travelers from Canada.

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