Barron’s Plumbing Division Offers Drain Maintenance Tips For Happy Homeowners

After 50 years of providing services such as heating, air conditioning, electricity and plumbing, the Baron The team is committed to keeping the most important home systems running at their best. But accidents do happen, and Barron’s experts often meet customers for the first time in the middle of an emergency, whether it’s a broken part, a leaking hose or a water backup. water. Luckily, the team has some helpful ideas for avoiding those emergencies in the first place, allowing them to meet their neighbors before
these problems arise.

Most of these tips express the importance of making sure drains – all pipes inside the house, and sewers, everything outdoors – are kept clean and clear.

It’s important to admit that a problem is too big for an easy fix – and that’s when you can call Barron for help. Photo courtesy Barron Heating

“Most people don’t do routine maintenance — either it works or it doesn’t,” says Jordan F., maintenance and operations manager for Barron’s plumbing division. “A lot of people take it for granted: you turn the water on, then it turns off. But when it comes back on, that’s when the frantic phone calls come in, and we try to get someone to come. a.

While it can be easy to get started with do-it-yourself repair methods, it’s also important to admit that a problem is too big for an easy fix. “One thing we like to say is don’t just sit there and dump chemicals down the drain thinking it’s going to help,” Jordan says. “In fact, it can make the situation worse on old drains; you might end up looking at a major repair, instead of just a cleanup.

Jordan also advises homebuyers to do a camera inspection of drains and sewers to help them avoid costly surprises. “We just throw the camera down the drain and then send a video of what it looks like and tell them what’s going on,” he says. “Many times I’ve had to show up at a house the day people move in and the next thing they know they’re putting $15,000 or $20,000 into a new sewer system.”

An inspection is an equally powerful tool for anyone selling a home, as it can give potential buyers confidence. “I recently sold my house and dumped a camera down the drain before putting it on the market,” says Jordan. “When people came to see my house, they could see that they didn’t have to worry about sewage, which is a huge expense. When it comes to houses, sewers and roofs are the biggest expenses. »

A borescope inspection camera is used to check a drain. Photo courtesy Barron Heating

Along with tree roots, blockages, and broken pipes, camera inspections also tend to reveal things you might not have expected. “We saw all kinds of foreign objects,” says Nick S., superintendent of the service for Baron Plumbing. “There have been animals, watches, cell phones – you never really know what you’re going to encounter.”

And Jordan agrees; “The funniest thing I ever found in a sewer was a whole, unpeeled banana,” he says. “I have no idea how it went there.”

Nick also shares this handy tip with potential customers: “Garbage disposals aren’t ‘tokens of everything’. There are a lot of things you shouldn’t put in them, like eggshells and coffee grounds, or pasta and rice, because they like to expand; any fibrous material,” he says. “A lot of people put lemon peel in it because it gets rid of the garbage smell. But lemon juice will do the same thing, and it won’t mess up your garbage disposal.

When it comes to maintaining healthy plumbing, Barron offers a number of products that a homeowner can use with confidence, knowing they won’t inadvertently cause damage later. “For secondary drains, like a kitchen sink, we have products that are environmentally safe and won’t harm the drain,” says Jordan. “After we go out and flush a drain, there are enzymes you can use once a week for the first month, then once a month.”

And because maintenance cannot prevent or avoid all problem, Barron is also prepared to repair or replace any plumbing in the home and on the property, right down to city-owned utilities. They can dig out old lines and replace them with new ones, and also use newer solutions that can fix some problems without tearing up the front yard.

To partner with customers and help them stay on top of their plumbing situation, Barron offers a Silver Shield Membership. “It gets you a 20% discount on drain or sewer cleaning,” says Jordan. “And if you need us, joining you will be our priority – you get a discounted rate and you also get some peace of mind.”


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