Changing the plumbing industry one stereotype at a time

Rarely does a child aspire to become a plumber when they grow up. As a famous NFL player once told us, “plumbing isn’t sexy.” There are many stereotypes that attribute to this current of thought. Whether it’s the idea of ​​working in dirty sewers or the infamous plumber’s crack, young people aren’t keen on being a plumber as adults. This is why as co-owner of Plumbing High 5my husband, Levi, and I had to take a step back and analyze what we were doing as a business.

Eliminating negative industry stereotypes has become one of our goals. We realized that moving away from the traditional way of operating in the industry would not only set us apart from the competition, but also make us more appealing to the younger generation by creating a fun working atmosphere. This was how we wanted to contribute to the plumbing and home service industries.

Change dress code

The first thing we decided to change was the way we dress. When you think of plumbers, you think of the traditional brand name button down shirt. It was one of the first things to do. While watching a Colorado Rockies game, I decided that a High 5 baseball jersey would be a great choice. From now on, our technicians have the possibility of wearing baseball jerseys displaying our logo. Plus, these jerseys have added length to eliminate the terrible plumber stereotype. This one-off change has since blossomed into a full line of High 5 Plumbing clothing, with proceeds going to charity.

Create a fun atmosphere

We never wanted High 5 Plumbing to be a place our employees dreaded coming to every day. The appearance of the building can play a big role in this. To stand out, we outfitted our building with a playful design that includes everything from graffiti to a basketball court. We’ve also created a bragging board, where technicians who have taken a photo with customers can post it. We want our employees to be greeted with high energy and a fun atmosphere as soon as they walk through the door.

A culture of giving

Giving back to the community is near and dear to the heart of our business. We wanted to incorporate that into our culture. It’s one of the reasons we decided to create High 5 Cares, a program that shines a spotlight on local nonprofits. We wanted to come together to create a positive impact not only with our team, but also with our customers and our community. As part of this initiative, we are donating a fixed amount of $500. Additionally, the nonprofit receives $10 for every High 5 club membership sold during the month and receives 100% of the proceeds from the company’s High 5 clothing line. Our technicians also distribute materials about the non-profit organization during service calls. This allows our technicians to interact with the community on a deeper level than just fixing issues. It’s about creating that one-on-one relationship with your plumber that many plumbing companies lack because they stick to the stereotype.

Change the industry

From changing our dress code to developing a different culture than many other home service companies, we work hard to break the stereotypes that haunt the plumbing industry. As a new generation matures, it will be important for them to understand that the plumbing industry can be fun to work in. Although working in dirty conditions is part of the job, it is not the only aspect of the profession. You can have positive interactions with customers, wear awesome uniforms, and play a major role in your community. Breaking these stereotypes is what will allow our industry to thrive and move forward.

Cassi Torres is co-owner of Plumbing High 5. High 5 Plumbing is a local family business serving residents of the greater Denver metro area. With a professional team that has extensive experience and a commitment to service, High 5 Plumbing offers complete plumbing, sewer and drain services.