Chelsea and Italy midfielder Jorginho has started contract talks with Les Bleus after impressive Euro 2020 campaign

Chelsea have opened talks with Euro 2020-winning midfielder Jorginho, according to reports.

The Italian has been impressive for the club and the country over the past year.

According to Fabrizio Romano via his Here We Go podcast, Chelsea have opened contract talks with Jorginho.

Speaking on his podcast, Romano said: “Chelsea are working on Jorginho’s contract as one of the priorities for this summer and the months to come,

“They want Jorginho to stay. He has a contract until 2023 but they are already discussing a possible extension with him.

“It will take some time as Chelsea generally work calmly in these situations.”

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The 29-year-old is currently on vacation in Brazil, where he crossed paths with Thiago Silva.

Brazilian Silva sent a congratulatory message to Jorginho following the Italian’s international triumph.

Jorginho impressed for Italy, earning a place in the Euro 2020 tournament squad.

Jorginho was one of only five Italian players to make the squad and was a vital part of Chelsea’s Champions League winning squad and has also been linked with the Ballon d’Or victory.

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Former Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri has already backed Jorginho for the Ballon d’Or, saying: “If Italy won the European Championship, it is clear that it would become one (a favorite for the price),

“He’s a refined player, probably not understandable by everyone. You have to watch him and only watch him in the game. He’s so good and smart he makes everything seem easy, there is rarely anything spectacular left over. in your eyes, that’s his greatness.

With Jorginho set to stay at Chelsea after an impressive performance at Euro 2020, the 29-year-old will look to continue next season and play his part as Chelsea look to fight for the title next season as that agent, said Joao Santos. : “He remains at Chelsea after the Euro. Tuchel trusts Jorginho and he will be part of the squad next season.

However, contract negotiations could remain slow as the Blues midfielder has a deal that expires in 2023.

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