Cottonelle Improves Flushable Wipes – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

CottonelleThe latest product improvement for Cottonelle Flushable Wipes has improved the rinsing ability of the wipes so they break down like toilet paper.

“While the majority of Americans agree that using disposable wipes in the toilet with dry toilet paper is worth it to feel cleaner, only a third feel comfortable using disposable wipes in the toilet,” says Ada Zavala, Senior Brand Manager, Cottonelle. “Our product enhancements are designed for worry-free flushing, giving consumers confidence that their flushable wipes will break down like toilet paper.”

In addition to being the “#1 septic-safe wipe brand among national brands,” Cottonelle claims that the newest formulation of its wipes is plumber-approved and meets the flushing specifications of the International Water Services Flushability Group (IWSFG) 2020. The IWSFG is made up of water professionals who seek to provide guidance on what should and should not be flushed.

This announcement coincides with claims about Cottonelle flushable wipes, including:

  • Loses strength 4x faster after rinsing vs leading brands.
  • With these innovative improvements, Cottonelle is proud to name this fastest dispersing wipe ever.
  • A new product demonstration on the brand of Youtube shows how the wipe immediately begins to break down after rinsing, in a manner similar to toilet paper.

“We recognize the responsibility for consumer education and product effectiveness that comes with being the category leader in flushable wipes, and we don’t take this lightly,” continues Zavala. . “It is through our efforts with wastewater officials and organizations that we are able to help educate consumers about what is, and what is not, disposable.”

Kimberly Clark launched Cottonelle flushable wipes over a decade ago, building on the existing expertise of its parent company. Kimberly-Clark and Cottonelle work closely with industry organizations, including conforming to International Water Services Flushability Group specifications, to establish the highest quality standards for its flushable wipes.