Could sleeper trains offer Germans cheap, low-carbon travel across Europe?

The Green Party has said it wants to put state subsidies on night trains that will connect Germany to cities as far away as St. Petersburg to the north and Lisbon to the south.

According to plans by the environmental party, 40 night train lines could connect 200 destinations across the mainland, including islands like Mallorca, which would be linked by train and ferry.

The Greens want the EU to buy a fleet of sleeper trains that can run at speeds between 200 km / h and 250 km / h.

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The CDU has also announced its intention to rebuild the country’s sleeper train services.

Deutsche Bahn stopped its last sleeper service in 2016, citing the high costs associated with maintaining its fleet that were not recovered through ticket sales.

Earlier this year, the crown corporation said it had “no plans” to purchase new sleeping cars.

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