Covid-19 NZ: Vaccine passes launched will be needed for ‘extra freedoms’ over summer

The government has launched its long-awaited vaccine pass, those who are fully vaccinated can download a pass later Wednesday morning.

The “My Vaccine Pass” will take the form of a QR code that can be displayed digitally or on printed paper, allowing places to check whether a person has been vaccinated against Covid-19 or not.

As part of the traffic light system, the government wants to move the country soon, passes will be required to attend major festivals and any other venue that chooses to require them. Sites that choose to require them will be able to operate more freely, even if there is Covid-19 in the community.

A vaccine pass is used in Italy.

Andrew Medichini / AP

A vaccine pass is used in Italy.

It is still unclear whether the pass vaccine would be required to leave Auckland during the summer. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is expected to announce more details of the Auckland border plans during the summer at 1 p.m. Wednesday.

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Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins said the passes would allow the 3.4 million people who received the two doses of the Pfizer vaccine to enjoy “extra freedoms” over the summer.

“We are asking fully vaccinated New Zealanders to prepare for the summer by requesting their passes,” said Hipkins.

Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins said the passes would allow people “extra freedoms”.

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Covid-19 Minister Chris Hipkins said the passes would allow people “extra freedoms”.

“This is your official proof of vaccination and a ticket to enjoy the additional freedoms that will come with the COVID-19 protection framework. To get one, people will need to be fully vaccinated or be one of the very few Kiwis who have been medically exempted. “

Those who have received both doses will be able to log in and request a pass from Wednesday morning – or call 0800 222 478.

The pass will include a person’s name, date of birth and a QR code. It can be saved in a phone wallet or printed.

However, tt will expire after six months.

The “small number” of people unable to get vaccinated for medical reasons will also be eligible for the pass, and children under 12 will not be required to show proof of vaccination anywhere.

Vaccine passes will not be required at schools, supermarkets or other “essential” businesses.

It is still not clear whether the government will use the vaccine pass to control the Auckland border in less vaccinated areas like Northland.


It is still not clear whether the government will use the vaccine pass to control the Auckland border in less vaccinated areas like Northland.

The government has hinted that a booster might eventually be needed to keep a vaccine up to date, but said it could take some time.

Hipkins said it was likely there could be an overload on the system on Wednesday, but people should be patient.

“People can log in later this morning, but we ask for patience and for people to wait a few days to alleviate any demand on the computer system and call center staff,” Hipkins said.

“The pass will allow people to do the things they love, like going to concerts and music festivals, nightlife at bars and restaurants, and going to the gym and sporting events.”

“We don’t want anyone to miss this, so we strongly encourage those who have delayed getting a vaccine to take this step now, as we prepare to move to the COVID-19 protection framework. “

People will be able to request a separate vaccine certificate for overseas travel if needed. The European Union announced on Tuesday that it would recognize New Zealand’s vaccine certificate.

Anyone vaccinated abroad will also be able to apply for a vaccination pass, but this could take up to two weeks.

National has repeatedly criticized the government for the lack of a vaccine pass system.

Covid-19 party spokesman Chris Bishop noted on Tuesday that the contract for the delivery of the vaccine pass was not signed until October 13.

“It has been obvious to everyone since the start of the year that New Zealand would need proof of vaccination and a vaccination certificate in some form or another, but it is just the latter month that the government has gone to the trouble of working to prepare a program. “

“If we had vaccination certificates right now, Auckland would be a whole different place. The Aucklanders could leave the area and travel to see their loved ones. Hospitality could open. People could go back to work.

National also said that some sort of sunset clause was needed for the use of these passes.

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