DC Plumbing Company Announces Recent Expansion

Premium services from Home Air and Vito Services will continue along with additional services now available.

Rockville, MD. – Vito Services, a plumbing company serving Washington DC and surrounding areas, recently partnered with another local home service company, Home Air Services. The partnership between the two companies has been ongoing for some time, as both companies are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for their customers and staff.

“We are extremely pleased to partner with Vito Services,” says Lionel Bouilin, owner of Home Air Services. “Combining the knowledge and resources of another local business that has been an integral part of the DMV since 1934 is a tremendous opportunity not only for Home Air Services, but more importantly for all of our Home Air Service customers.”

The acquisition of Home Air Services fits perfectly with Vito’s mission to provide its customers with the latest innovations in home services while providing unparalleled service and customer care.

“Our customers have always been our number one priority and this merger will allow us to better serve them,” said Michael Vito, owner and president of Vito Services. “The combination of the expertise and all the services offered by Vito and Home Air Services will allow a better, faster and more complete service to our customers at all levels.”

Separately, Home Air Services and Vito Services are extremely reputable companies with decades of experience under their belts. With this partnership, they bring 156 years of combined plumbing and HVAC experience. Plus, with access to Vito’s fleet of fully equipped service vans and roster of HVAC professionals, Home Air Services has access to more resources, allowing them to provide faster service without sacrificing quality.

“In addition to the extensive HVAC skills resources offered by Vito Services, our customers will now have access to enhanced plumbing services from one of the top-ranked plumbing companies in the Washington, DC area,” says Bouilin of Home Air Services.

“We are delighted to welcome Home Air Services to the Vito family,” says Michael Vito.

The two companies have already started working side by side, offering their customers their extensive resources and capabilities. To learn more about Vito Services, their merger with Home Air Services, or to book services, call Vito Services at (301) 315-6100 or visit them online at https://www.vitoservices.com.


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