Down to Earth Plumbing Maintenance, the local plumbing company that prides itself on specializing in small residential jobs

A local family business by the name of Down to Earth Plumbing Maintenance has been providing top notch service to the Lake Macquarie area for over ten years. Down to Earth Plumbing Maintenance prides itself on developing lasting relationships with each of its clients.

They are the go-to plumbing service for Lake Mac residents, guaranteed to provide personalized, efficient and reliable service every time. As residential plumbing experts, no plumbing project or problem is too big or small, Down to Earth Plumbing Maintenance is able to provide high quality services at reasonable rates! – upfront and competitive prices, with no gimmicks or hidden fees.

When Matthew Manning started Down to earth plumbing maintenance, he envisioned his local business focusing on high-end plumbing maintenance services, taking pride in small jobs. Unlike the larger franchise plumbing competitors, Matthew has always wanted to remain accessible to those who may need small jobs or maintenance instead of turning down those types of jobs in favor of new construction or civil works – that’s is quite difficult to find in the plumbing. industry.

Down to Earth Plumbing Maintenance specializes in unclogging drains and hot water systems. From clogged drains, bathroom, shower or sink problems, to installing or relocating electric hot water systems, Matthew and his team will take care of it.

After observing and working in the plumbing industry in large franchise organizations for years, Matthew had bigger ideas for the industry. Down to Earth Plumbing Maintenance was founded with a commitment to provide excellent service at cheaper and fairer costs.

“I knew quality work could be done at a better rate, along with personalized services and suggestions on how my clients could avoid problems in the future. We strive to ensure that our company is known for its reliability, quality work, personalized services and a decent cleanup when the job is done. We want Down to Earth Plumbing Maintenance to be the company that treats its customers like my wife would and I would like to be treated if someone came to us. Matthew Manning, owner of Down to Earth Plumbing Maintenance shared his thoughts with us.

Lake Macquarie is a tight-knit community with a large population of retirees and seniors. Down to Earth Plumbing Service fills a need in the market for a reliable service plumber who offers discounts to seniors and is more than happy to book jobs on a priority basis that big companies cannot accept or quote with excessive wait times. Matthew prides himself on his company’s customer service-focused approach rather than a revenue-focused one.

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