Eco Electric and Plumbing offers exclusive services to residential customers in King County, WA

King County, WA: Eco Electricity and Plumbing offers a wide range of services, such as electrical repairs, to customers with day-to-day problems. They provide solutions to faulty light switches, too bright or dim lights and increased energy bills. Customers living in older homes (more than five years old) can also get a professional diagnosis on circuits and other systems, as older appliance systems are prone to electrical problems.

In addition to repairs, the company specializes in electrical installations. It offers fan installations, starting with helping the customer choose the perfect ceiling fan for their home. In addition to choosing an ideal option from the dual-motor, wet, low-profile, or standard ceiling, technicians install it correctly to provide optimal cooling and ventilation for the home. Other services include light fixture repairs, home surge protection, electrical rewiring and generator installation.

Moreover, the plumber offers various plumbing services, from basic repairs to complex installations. Some services include kitchen and bathroom plumbing, water heater installation and repair, and water pipe repair and replacement. For customers with drain issues such as clogged systems, the company offers drain cleaning and unclogging services, restoring normalcy to their home. In addition to making sure plumbing systems are working optimally, certified technicians offer expert advice on ways to avoid problems in the future. Customers also benefit from same-day service from friendly professionals, upfront pricing, and financing options.

In addition, Eco Electric and Plumbing offers general plumbing and leak detection services. Whether the client spots moisture marks, visual wet spots around tubs and sinks, cracks in the foundation, or the ticking of the water meter, technicians perform a detailed inspection at a reasonable cost. They also compile a detailed report indicating whether the plumbing system needs repairs or a complete change. Other services include sump pump installation, frozen/burst pipe repair, green plumbing and transplanting services.

Eco Electric and Plumbing also install tankless water heaters that can stand the test of time. Since the systems are complex and many problems can arise during installation, the company has qualified and knowledgeable technicians who are familiar with different systems. They also involve the customer in major decision making, especially determining the ideal type and size of heater based on their hot water needs. In addition to tankless water heaters, the BBB A+ accredited team also repairs and installs other water heaters, regardless of size and fuel source.

Eco Electric and Plumbing is located at 126 S Spokane St, Seattle, WA 98134. Customers interested in plumbing or electrical services can contact the team at (206) 222-9640. Visit the website for more information.

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