EU lawmakers arrive for the first visit

The executive director of the European Union Center in Taiwan, Marc Cheng, said this group received more attention due to the timing and nature of the visit.

  • By Lin Chia-nan / Journalist

The European Parliament’s first delegation to Taiwan arrived in the country yesterday for talks on tackling disinformation, with members of the delegation scheduled to meet with President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) today.

The 13-person delegation is visiting Taiwan for a three-day trip, the foreign ministry said.

The delegation includes seven members of the “Special Committee on Foreign Interference in All Democratic Processes in the European Union, Including Disinformation”: Committee Chairman Raphael Glucksmann from France, Andrius Kubilius and Petras Austrevicius from Lithuania, Marketa Gregorova from the Czech Republic, Andreas Schieder from Austria, Georgios Kyrtsos from Greece and Marco Dreosto from Italy, the ministry said.

Photo: Lee Hsin-fang, Taipei Times

“The delegation will discuss Taiwanese experiences in [the] fight against disinformation; attempts to interfere with Taiwanese democracy, media, culture and education; as well as Taiwan’s efforts to strengthen its cyber resilience, ”the European Parliament said in a press release.

“Taiwan uses innovative tools and involves the whole of Taiwanese society to fight against all types of interference in its democracy, without restricting freedom of expression and of the media,” he said.

This is the first time that the European Parliament has sent an official delegation to Taiwan, which is important, Presidential Office spokesman Xavier Chang (張 惇 涵) said in a statement, adding that Tsai would meet them at the presidential office this morning. .

This year, the European Parliament adopted 12 resolutions favorable to Taiwan, showing that Taiwan-EU relations are increasingly close, Chang said.

Yesterday, the delegation met with Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌), the ministry said, adding that Deputy Foreign Minister Harry Tseng (曾 厚仁) was to hold a banquet for them on behalf of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. foreign Joseph Wu ().

The delegation will attend a press conference at a hotel in Taipei tomorrow, the ministry added.

The executive director of the European Union Center in Taiwan, Marc Cheng (鄭家慶), told the Taipei Times by phone that although other EU lawmakers have visited, this group has received more attention in reason for the time and nature of the visit.

The special committee was just established last year and its members are visiting Taiwan at a time when relations between Taiwan, the United States and China are changing and after the EU released a report titled The Strategy of EU for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, he said.

As the European Parliament plays an increasingly important role in the bloc and can influence its budget, it remains to be seen whether its resolutions can influence overall EU policies, he said.

Nonetheless, the issues related to Taiwan are certainly gaining more attention across Europe, he said.

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