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Influence of contagion on fashion, environmental activism and awareness of the ravages of fast fashion. To what extent and how has our style of shopping changed today? Well, if it was a classroom, most of us would have raised our hands by now, “My shopping style is more sustainable” (a lot is expected of that). The statement will make the designer smile (with obvious satisfaction) Vivian Westwood, champion of environmental sustainability, always with the motto “Choose well, buy less, keep it in time” Description of the method. But as we start to become more and more people in Italy who prefer ethical and sustainable fashion brands over fast fashion, let’s ask ourselves: Where is Italy on the list of the best countries for sustainable purchasing?

The question is answered in a new study, Retail sale of luxury cashmere. Analyzes monthly research in 64 countries and compiles the source List of the 10 best countries in Europe Sustainable purchasing. Warning: However, this does not mean that Europe has a world leader. Indeed, the greenest buyer in the world is the United States with 29,700 searches on the net related to the question of “sustainable shopping”. Then there is Europe, with a total of several states with 74,130 monthly searches.

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Only 10 European countries are included in the ranking of the best countries for sustainable purchasing Find out where Italy is: In issue # 5. Belfast is preceded by: the United Kingdom (with 24,500 monthly searches), Ireland (1,060), Germany (1,010) and the Netherlands (830). That’s up to Italy, which ranks fifth with 740 monthly searches. Then, from top to bottom, follow: France, Denmark, Spain, Sweden – perhaps the biggest surprise – Greece.

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Based on all of this, there are some keywords that users search the net for for lasting brands. The list prepared by the source lists those taken as study material, namely: ethical shopping, ethical fashion, moral clothing, sustainable fashion, sustainable clothing, eco fashion, second-hand clothing and clothing organic. From these keywords, a reflection: This is it Sustainable purchasing Go in two directions. On the one hand, there is a preference for new brands Stable fabrics (like organic cotton), responsible production with workshop workers located in their country of origin (in Italy, this is what makes a product made in Italy). On the other hand, the phenomenon of the circular economy derives from the purchase of pre-favored clothing and accessories: the second-hand one has now lost its negative connotation. New online trading platforms, where millennials and gen ezd prefer to buy their favorite items (at very low prices).

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The study confirms: “Generation Z and Millennials prefer frugality to fast fashion. “Used Clothing Stores Near Me” Has Seen a + 5000% Search Increase Over the Last 5 Years. Joe mclaren N. PeelThe brand author of the study commented on the results: “The media played a crucial role in raising awareness of sustainable purchasing choices and in explaining the environmental and social impact of purchasing. As a result, consumers are increasingly intelligent in evaluating their choices. “But we don’t stop there, there is still a lot to do.

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Italy Makes Jabs Mandatory, UK’s New Travel Rules: COVID-19 Bulletin Sat, 18 Sep 2021 12:43:54 +0000


COVID-19 jab bookings increased in Italy on Friday after some of the world’s toughest anti-coronavirus measures have come into effect. As of October 15, any employee who does not present proof of vaccination, negative test or recent recovery from infection will be automatically suspended without pay.

Switzerland announced that all travelers who are not fully vaccinated will be required to show proof of a negative test when entering the country. Berne said the measures, which come into effect on September 20, are being introduced to avoid a spike in cases once people start to return from their fall vacation.

UK Transport Minister Grant Shapps announced relaxation of international travel rules to England, Friday, in a boost to the tourism industry. Fully vaccinated passengers will no longer need to undergo pre-departure PCR tests upon arrival from low-risk countries from October 4.

• From the end of October, people traveling to England from approved countries will only have to take a rapid lateral flow test on the second day of their stay. Under the new rules, eight countries, including Turkey and Pakistan, will be removed from the current red list, which requires passengers to quarantine themselves in a hotel.

Scotland will continue to require travelers to take PCR tests before departure and on day two “Due to significant concerns about the impact on public health. “

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo criticized those who refuse to be vaccinated to endanger others and slow down efforts to ease restrictions. “This epidemic is becoming an epidemic of unvaccinated people. It is not defensible,” De Croo said at a press conference.

New study published by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention is the latest to suggest Moderna vaccine offers better long-term protection against hospitalization, compared to the Pfizer jab.

Police were among the injured as hundreds of protesters were arrested in Melbourne, the second most populous city in Australia, on Saturday during violent clashes during an anti-containment march. Officers used pepper spray and made more than 200 arrests as several hundred participants flouted stay-at-home orders and marched through a downtown suburb as the city crosses its sixth lockdown since it began of the pandemic.

Currently available vaccines offer strong protection against severe forms of the virus but are less reliable in preventing spread. / AFP / Bureau Martin

Currently available vaccines offer strong protection against severe forms of the virus but are less reliable in preventing spread. / AFP / Bureau Martin

Could delivering COVID-19 immunity straight to the nose help beat the pandemic?

The World Health Organization says clinical trials are underway to evaluate eight nasal spray vaccines targeting COVID-19. The most advanced effort to date by Xiamen University of China, University of Hong Kong and Beijing Wantai Biological Pharmacy has completed phase two trials.

“The idea is to close the door,” said researcher Nathalie Mielcarek, who is working with the Institut Pasteur in Lille to develop a nasal spray vaccine against whooping cough.

An article published in Scientific American in March urged development of nasal spray vaccines because they have an immediate effect on the virus in the mucus of an infected person.

They trigger the production of an antibody called immunoglobulin A, which can block infection.

“This overwhelming response, called sterilizing immunity, reduces the risk of people passing the virus on,” the article said.

Currently available vaccines offer strong protection against severe forms of the virus but are less reliable in preventing the spread of the virus. Boosting immunity directly in the nose “reduces the risk of infecting other people,” Mielcarek said. “From there, you have less virus infecting the lungs and therefore fewer severe cases since the viral load is lower. “

Another advantage is that the sprays do not need to be refrigerated and do not need to be administered by healthcare professionals, so people could self-administer.

Meanwhile, a French study in mice showed last week that 100% of subjects vaccinated with the spray survived COVID-19 while all unvaccinated mice died.

“This could allow us to come back to life before the pandemic, without social distancing, and without masks,” said Isabelle Dimier-Poisson, who led the research.

Source (s): AFP, Reuters

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Baseball: Israel beats Italy 11-5 to reach gold Sat, 18 Sep 2021 04:19:00 +0000
Team Israel beat Italy 11-5 in the European Baseball Championships semi-final match in Avigliano, Italy. The Israeli team beat all odds as well as a powerful Italian national team led by iconic Hall of Famer Mike Piazza. Blue and White responded with his own icon: 41-year-old pitcher Shlomo Lipetz, who has played for Israel’s national teams at all levels over a period spanning 4 decades. Israel took their first place in the European gold medal match on Friday night and will face the very favorite team of the Netherlands in Turin on Sunday.
As his powerful offense produced 11 points, hitting a double-digit score for the third time in five games, Israel’s key to success was once again his pitching. Shlomo Lipetz, who has pitched for Israeli teams since 1989, believed he got a pass after appearing with Israel’s Olympic team in Tokyo last month.
The Tel Aviv native had planned to attend the tournament to prepare for his next wedding in New York in just a few weeks. “But Nate (Israel’s new manager, Fish) called me and I got on a plane.”

Lipetz was greeted by his teammates the moment he joined the team. “He provides leadership and a sense of purpose the minute he walks into the clubhouse,” said Israeli top hitter Mitch Glasser.

Mitch Glasser, who leads Team Israel with a .500 batting average, had 2 doubles and 4 RBIs (credit: ISRAEL ASSOCIATION OF BASEBALL / COURTESY)

However, when Friday’s game started it looked like the Italians had prepared their own welcome for Lipetz. Hitters Darion Pizzano and Vito Friscia hit back-to-back homers to open the scoring in the first frame and Frederico Celli added a solo explosion in the second giving Italy a 4-1 lead after just one and a half innings. It looked like the mighty Italian bats would continue to pound Lipetz and run away with the game.

However, Lipetz and receiver Tal Erel immediately changed their approach against the Italian hitters. So, despite the early bombardment, the veteran pitcher was not shaken. Lipetz shut out the Italians in the next 4 innings. He didn’t even flinch when his infielder made two consecutive mistakes to charge the goals in the fourth, but instead calmly canceled the threat with a strikeout.

The Italian pitchers, on the other hand, succumbed to fits of madness. Starter Claudio Scotti scored four Israelis in a row in the first to give Israel their first run, but escaped without further damage. Scotti opened the second quarter in a similar fashion and this time Assaf Lowengart, who had stood out in previous games with three tournament-leading home runs to his name, doubled a brace to 2 to tie the score at 4-4. and restore Israel’s score. confidence in his ability to come back. Israel continued their assault in the third, taking a 7-4 lead by another three-point tackle, led by an RBI single from wide receiver Erel, and back-to-back RBI doubles from Glasser and Ben Wanger. “Shlomo defended us, so we wanted to get him back for him,” Glasser said.

Israel extended their lead to 8-4 with a point in the fifth. Then in the sixth, the Israelis brought the Italians to their knees, scoring three runs in one set for the third time in the game. The big hit was yet another double from Glasser, this time with the bases loaded.

Manager Fish brought in fireballer Bubby Rossman to replace Lipetz in the seventh. Rossman’s damning stuff completely demoralized the Italians. So, after an inning and a third, Fish allowed multi-talented shortstop Ty Kelly to pitch, to rest his pitching team for Sunday. Kelly responded by brilliantly mopping up the Italian hitters until the end of the game.

For Lipetz, who has played alongside and mentored four generations of Israeli players, victory was more than just victory.

He was filled with emotion when he expressed his satisfaction at seeing young stars like Lowengart and Erel become leaders who help build an Israeli baseball program that produces figures like Itai Goldner, Ivri Margolin and David Ibn Ezra. He loves to see his American teammates like Kelly, Glasser, DJ Sharabi and Rob Paller come back year after year and mingle with newcomers to the team like Rossman and Jordan Petrouchka. “The Americans have fed our program and today’s roster is full of local talent. We all come together as one.

    Shortstop Ty Kelly was a key part of Israel's defense, hitting .333.  The former Mets and Phillies infielder finished against Italy, pitching the final 1-2 / 3 innings (credit: ISRAEL ASSOCIATION OF BASEBALL / COURTESY) Shortstop Ty Kelly was a key part of Israel’s defense, hitting .333. The former Mets and Phillies infielder finished against Italy, pitching the final 1-2 / 3 innings (credit: ISRAEL ASSOCIATION OF BASEBALL / COURTESY)

Israel will face the three-time European champion Netherlands in the final on Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. Israel time.

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‘On the World Stage’: Chorley Prepares to Host G7 Speakers’ Conference | Lancashire Fri, 17 Sep 2021 21:17:00 +0000

When Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, suggested to Lindsay Hoyle, her British counterpart, to organize the G7 Speakers’ Conference in “her district”, she might not have realized with it. what enthusiasm the Lancastrians would adopt the idea.

Hoyle said Pelosi asked, ‘We’re still going to London, can we get out of London?

And what do the townspeople think of the influx of international visitors, along with the inevitable heavy police presence and road closures? “They say” Flashing Linds, I didn’t think you’d have them here! “Said Hoyle, who has served as an MP for the constituency since 1997, although he first represented the town at the age of 22 in 1980 as a councilor. A department store, Maidens, has adapted its window to recreate the Parisian boutique of Paul Smith, in order to welcome international guests.

Speakers from each of the G7 countries will discuss how to keep parliaments open while ensuring member safety and ensuring that the “democratic process remains intact” following the violent attack on Capitol Hill in the United States, a shootout against the Canadian parliament in 2014, and the murder of a British policeman at the Palace of Westminster in 2017.

Hoyle hopes the conference “will also put Chorley on the world stage”, ensuring the town will become “part of the overseas tourist circuit”. After being greeted by a town crier, delegates will discuss thorny issues such as the role of social media in open parliaments at Astley Hall, a historic Grade I listed house, surrounded by a lake and historic forest, where trees will be planted to represent each participating country.

US House President Nancy Pelosi arrives for a meeting with Boris Johnson in Downing Street ahead of the G7 conference in Chorley. Photograph: Leon Neal / Getty Images

Astley Hall is halfway through a renovation, and until a few weeks ago there was scaffolding outside, with its Jacobean plaster ceilings and Elizabethan courtyard closed to all visitors. The speakers’ conference paid “more attention to staying on schedule,” said Peter Wilson, deputy head of the Chorley council. “We are very proud of our historic asset of Astley Hall – the true jewel in the crown, which is a hackneyed expression but is actually very apt.”

What will Hoyle serve his counterparts in the legislatures of Canada, France, Japan, Germany, Italy and the United States? He was delighted to give a nod to a local history (although some historians doubt its veracity) that during a visit to the region in 1617, King James I was so in love with roast beef that he unsheathed his sword and knighted it “Sir Loin”.

“I said” let’s give them a taste of Lancashire beef – the sirloin that was knighted at Chorley – the face we have Morecambe bay shrimp, Lancashire cheese, Chorley cakes… we have to real things that people remember. I think it’s important for them and for me to show that there are excellent agricultural products in Lancashire, ”he said.

Hoyle is also keen to show Pelosi the connections Chorley has with America, most notably as the birthplace of Myles Standish, a passenger on the Pilgrim Mayflower ship, one of the first settlers of the New America. An American flag rises above the standish bench at St Lawrence Church, where delegates will attend a Sunday service.

“The flag itself in Saint-Laurent is rather threadbare,” Hoyle explained, as it is the same flag offered to the church when American soldiers stationed at the town’s military base left to fight on the beaches. of Normandy. “I understand that President Pelosi is going to present a new flag to the church. So, you know, those kinds of connections are reestablished as well ”.

And will his menagerie of wild animals named after politicians be introduced? No, said Hoyle. Boris the Parrot, Maggie the Turtle and Dennis the American Cat will be in the care of the Speaker’s father, former Labor MP Doug Hoyle. “He’s the zookeeper,” Hoyle said. “I have to keep them on their best behavior.”

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Milan crack down on No Vax protests Fri, 17 Sep 2021 16:49:27 +0000

No Vax protester banned from marching in Milan.

Milan’s ‘No Vax’ protests against covid-19 vaccinations reduced by city questore or the police commissioner Giuseppe Petronzi, reports the Italian news agency ANSA.

Anti-vaccines have been banned from parade at future events which are to take the form of a “static” assembly at the Arco della Pace in Piazza Sempione.

The No Vax events have been held in Milan every Saturday since July 24, the next event scheduled for September 18 will be held under the new rules.

Security chiefs made the decision because of 16 “de facto promoters” of the protests encouraging participants to follow them on “improvised routes”, with all gatherings being held without notice to authorities, according to ANSA.

The measures were announced the same day the Italian government approved sweeping restrictions requiring all workers in Italy to have the Green Pass, a certificate proving people have been vaccinated, tested negative or cured of covid-19.

Protests against the Green Pass have been taking place in Italy in recent months, although they have started to fade as the summer wears on.

However, news of the latest restrictions is expected to revive Italy’s No Vax and No Green Pass movements in the weeks leading up to October 15, when the new rules go into effect.

Details on the Green Pass can be found – in Italian – on the Certificazione Verde website while for official information on the covid-19 situation in Italy – in English – see the Ministry of Health website.

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Tax evasion rap has nothing to do with bank ownership, Berlusconi says Fri, 17 Sep 2021 15:20:00 +0000
By Matt Thompson (September 17, 2021, 11:20 a.m. EDT) – A tax evasion conviction shouldn’t prevent former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi from holding a stake in a bank, his lawyers have said at the second highest court in the European Union. .

In a hearing before the General Court on Thursday, Berlusconi’s legal team said a change in the structure of financial services firm Banco Mediolanum should not trigger an assessment of the owner’s reputation by the European Central Bank because no change of control had taken place.

Berlusconi has held a 30% stake in Mediolanum since the 1990s, alongside his vast Italian media company Mediaset. However, Mediolanum was taken over by its own banking unit …

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9 EU Mediterranean countries hold summit in Greece Fri, 17 Sep 2021 12:29:56 +0000

Nine European Mediterranean countries are holding a summit in Athens on Friday afternoon to discuss issues ranging from climate change to migration and Afghanistan.

The one-day rally, dubbed EUMED 9, brings together leaders from Spain, France, Italy, Malta, Greece and Cyprus, along with recent additions from Slovenia and Croatia . Portugal is sending its Foreign Minister, while European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen will also attend the meeting.

Climate change and its effects on the region will be the first topic of discussion, after this summer saw devastating forest fires sweeping the region. Greece has been particularly hard hit, the country’s worst heat wave in decades fueling hundreds of forest fires which have pushed its firefighting resources to the limit and prompted it to appeal for international aid .

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis blamed the fires on climate change and pledged to make tackling what he described as a climate crisis one of his government’s top priorities.

Leaders are expected to issue a joint statement at the end of Friday’s meeting “which clearly sets out the priorities of all European Mediterranean countries in the face of climate change,” Mitsotakis said, ahead of a meeting with his Croatian counterpart, Andrej Plenkovic, before the start of the summit.

Migration will be another main topic of discussion, with Greece, Italy, Spain and Malta being on the main routes used by smugglers to bring people into the European Union.

Greece has long been the fastest route to the EU, with its eastern Aegean islands located close to the Turkish coast. Greece and the EU as a whole were keen to avoid a repeat of 2015, when around a million people, many of whom were fleeing the war in Syria, entered the bloc, the vast majority arriving on the Greek islands since then. Turkey.

Alarmed by recent events in Afghanistan, Greece has made it clear that it is further toughening its stance on migration. It has already beefed up border security, using technology and increasing patrols on land and at sea to keep potential migrants out.

The country has also been widely accused by rights groups and migrants themselves of carrying out illegal summary deportations at sea of ​​people who reach the Greek islands, without allowing them to seek asylum. Greek officials vehemently deny the allegations, but say they are vigorously patrolling the land and sea borders.

During the conference, Greece and Cyprus are also expected to address the issue of Turkey, a neighbor with whom they have a series of disputes, including over energy exploration rights in the eastern Mediterranean.

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Berlusconi refuses psychiatric assessment, trial resumes – English Fri, 17 Sep 2021 09:34:00 +0000

(ANSA) – ROME, SEP 17 – A trial in which ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is one of the defendants is set to resume after the media billionaire refused to undergo a psychiatric assessment, saying it “would attack on my honor ”.

As a result, the 84-year-old has said the so-called Ruby ter trial is expected to proceed without his presence at the hearings.

A Milan court ruled last week that a team of independent doctors should assess various aspects of Berlusconi’s condition after lawyers for the Forza Italia (FI) leader presented the latest in a series of postponement requests of the trial for health reasons.

The 84-year-old media billionaire has been back and forth to hospital in recent months after suffering a severe case of COVID-19 last year.

Berlusconi is accused of bribing witnesses to lie about his alleged “bunga bunga” sex parties at his home.

He is one of 29 defendants, including several young women whom he allegedly bribed to say that the parties were innocent cases.