For more sustainability in the automotive industry: Techniplas and KraussMaffei build the new MXW 1000 ColorForm system

Clean room production

“We run this production process under clean room conditions, so not a speck of dust can sneak between the coating and the substrate surface when the mold is open,” Luckner said. “As a result, the entire system is equipped with a clean room enclosure. This way we achieve very low scrap rates.”

Efficient and sustainable production

Initially, ColorForm was developed for greater production efficiency and specific effects for vehicle interior components. At Techniplas, the MXW 1000 ColorForm system highlights these qualities. Today, however, aspects such as occupational safety and the carbon footprint of the technology compared to other production methods are becoming increasingly important. Again, the ColorForm process scores points here in several areas. In addition, ColorForm components are increasingly being used even outdoors, because here too an elegant appearance is a selling point for end customers.

Increased savings potential

Not only does ColorForm technology eliminate the need to transport and paint components, and invest in a paint plant, but ColorForm components are also ready to install when unloaded from the highly automated production cell. This saves production time and money for buffer storage and component drying.