Goal.com owner takes over Italy’s best football site

The owner of the private equity support of Goal.com, a football media website, has acquired Italy’s largest provider of digital football news as the group expands its reach to top leagues and teams.

The transaction marks the first major expansion of Footballco, owned by Integrated Media Company, a subsidiary of TPG Capital, a private equity firm in the United States. Footballco, which bought a controlling stake in Goal.com last year in a $ 125 million deal from sports streaming company DAZN, is targeting $ 100 million in annual revenue.

Around 400 million football fans, promoted by Goal.com, use the website and social media every month. Founded by majority shareholder and publisher Carlo Pallavicino, CalcioMercato.com’s million double-digit transactions adds 12 million monthly visitors.

Online sports sites have proven to be strong competitors in their coverage and have attracted the interest of investors.

Goal.com, which competes with Disney’s ESPN, secured an exclusive video interview with Lionel Messi when a former FC Barcelona star first considered leaving a Spanish club last year.

Athletic, a US-based subscription site worth $ 500 million after successfully expanding coverage to the Premier League and other major football tournaments across Europe last year.

In June, the owner of Sports Illustrated, US media group Maven, raised $ 20 million in stock and acquired The Spun website, which covers sports such as the National Football League and the National Basketball Association.

Footballco CEO Juan Delgado said the acquisition of CalcioMercato.com made Footballco the number one football platform in Italy and expanded Europe’s footsteps in “the largest advertising market digital about football in the world “. ..

The Italian national league, Serie A, features iconic clubs such as AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus, as well as top players such as Portuguese striker Cristiano Ronaldo. The Italian national team also won the Euro 2020 international tournament, which was postponed this summer.

During Euro2020 and the Copa America tournament in Brazil, more than 100 million fans visited the Goal.com website and app.

Delgado has over 300 employees in FT and adds 20 to CalcioMercato.com Footballco has moved to other regions through both the acquisition of existing platforms and organic investments in markets such as Spain and France. He said he intended to expand.

He also looks forward to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, highlighting the Middle East as a “high growth market”. North America is another target.

It already has a strong presence in Europe with the acquisition of two digital media brands, Spox in Germany and Voetbal Zone, which focuses on the Netherlands, at the time of the deal with Goal.com.

“We never escape the news coverage, the news delivery and the reporting of scores, which are at the heart of professional games,” said Ori Winitzer, IMC’s managing director, but the group is also a major source of income. I planned to go beyond advertising that is. Includes online clothing and streetwear sales.

Goal.com Owner Takes Italy’s Best Football Site Source Link Goal.com Owner Takes Italy’s Best Football Site

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