Green Star Plumbing Company Columbia Celebrates Fifth Anniversary

Green Star Plumbing Company Columbia, a plumbing company with offices in Columbia, SC, is pleased to announce that it is celebrating its fifth anniversary by serving plumbing needs in the Dallas area and beyond. Their expansions allowed them to serve the city of Columbia, which is the capital of South Carolina. They are always ready to provide emergency plumbing services in Colombia and surrounding areas. They have trained staff ready to listen to customers with emergency plumbing issues and dispatch their team. To learn more about this plumbing company, see

Jason of Green Star Plumbing Company says, “It is very important to have 24 hour emergency plumbing service in your home. Even though most plumbers are closed on weekends and holidays, you can contact one of them to resolve your issue immediately. Unlike a normal plumber, they are available around the clock and provide emergency plumbing services. This type of service is ideal when a plumbing problem is unforeseen. If you don’t get help right away, you can count on them to arrive quickly and resolve the issue. If you need to call a plumber around the clock, be sure to call them ASAP.

One of the key services Green Star offers, besides emergency plumbing services, is kitchen plumbing. It involves the repair and installation of a number of plumbing components and accessories for the kitchen. Customers may have various plumbing needs for their kitchen like kitchen faucet repair, garbage disposal repair, new kitchen sink, drain cleaning or anything else. Green Star’s professional plumbers can provide the help you need for any type of plumbing situation. More information about the company can be obtained at

One of the common problems in a kitchen is a clogged waste disposal. This particular equipment in the kitchen usually has a reset button at the bottom. If after resetting the waste disposal unit and it still does not work, Green Star Plumbing professionals can provide necessary troubleshooting and resolve the issue. They also want to educate homeowners and other property owners about the importance of plumbing maintenance. By having the various pieces of equipment and plumbing system parts, there will be less chance of having an emergency plumbing problem.

But whenever a plumbing problem needs to be fixed as quickly as possible, their plumbers are ready to answer the customer’s call. When calling for emergency plumbing service, customers simply need to provide adequate information to the emergency plumber. It is always a good idea to provide the plumber with specific details regarding the plumbing problem. And it is also important to take into account the possibility that the damage may be covered by insurance. So, before calling the emergency plumbing service, it would be best to check if the emergency plumber has the necessary insurance.

And when it comes to the cost of emergency plumbing services, it is generally affordable and will depend on several factors including the urgency of the problem.

Green Star Plumbing Company was established as a family owned plumbing business that has served the Dallas area plumbing needs for the past five years. They have also expanded to serve other cities including: Columbia, SC; Garland, Texas; Amelie, OH; San Antonio, Texas; Rosenberg; TX; Rockville, MD; Richardson, Texas; Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, CA; and Grand Prairie, Texas. The professional plumbers on their team have over 20 years of collective experience and they continue to add to their skills and knowledge on the latest plumbing methods and procedures. They can always be contacted for any emergency plumbing service.

Those interested in learning more about the plumbing services offered by Green Star Plumbing Company Columbia can visit their website at, or contact them by phone or e-mail. They are open 24 hours a day, Monday to Sunday.


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