GTK: Jay and Daniela Clayton, Plumbing Business Owners

Joe and Daniela Clayton, owners of My Essential Plumbing, with their family.

Jay and Daniela Clayton, longtime residents of Maricopa, own My Essential Plumber, a local business.

Hometown: Payson
Live at: Alterra
Maricopan since: August 2007
Occupation: Master plumber
Family: Jay, Daniela, Jeremy, Chloe, Tony and Madison
Pets: Cocoa (Labrador Chocolate)
Cars: Ford Trucks and SUVs
hobby: Hiking, camping, fishing, art
black beast: Never late
Dream vacation: Chalet on the edge of a lake in summer
Like most about Maricopa: Community Strength
I dislike Maricopa: No hospital

Charity: FOR Maricopa, Maricopa Pantry
Delivered: Bible
Movie: Marvel’s “Avengers”, “Star Wars” and “Star Trek”
Actor:William Shatner
Song: “Butterfly kisses”
Musician: Tim McGraw
Athlete: Dwayne The Rock Johnson
Food: Pizza
Drink: Unsweetened iced tea
Meal: Gyro
Restaurant: Gyro grill
Go away: Pinetop-Lake
Quote: Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result.
words to live“Anything worth doing is worth doing right the first time.”
To joke: A good plumber is more than a pipe dream.
Anything else we should know? Confidence in my profession comes from more than just knowledge of plumbing. It comes from knowing and caring about my clients. Every customer needs a plumber who knows the trade, is ready and able to provide the best financially sound repair. We all work too hard for our money. We are a Maricopa family, just like our customers. We see them in stores, on the road, at events. They know us by reputation and experience.

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