Homeowners say construction company fails to fix home’s problems

Residents say their custom-built homes were filled with broken appliances, plumbing issues and flooding when they moved in.

YULEE, Fla. — Flooding, broken doors, and unfinished construction are just a few of the issues homeowners in the Yulee tributary community are dealing with.

Residents say they were thrilled to move into their new custom-built home, but instead say when they moved in, their homes were riddled with broken appliances, plumbing issues, flooding, broken doors and holes in the wall.

“The screen doesn’t slide, so we can’t use the sliding door,” said owner Caitlin Davis.

When Davis and her family moved into their American home in Richmond in June, she says they have a list of things to fix.

“We don’t have flooring because of the plumbing loss we had in June,” Davis said. “After about 18 days of living here, the shower valve jumped off the wall because it was not installed correctly and flooded our bathroom.”

The neighbors have the same frustrations.

“You can tell normal ground is solid and when you press down on it there’s nothing solid underneath,” owner Christie Stephens said. “So it’s obviously going to crack because there’s nothing holding it down other than the grout.”

Stephens says their sliding glass door wasn’t installed properly and they’ve had flooding issues since moving in in December.

“My worry is obviously that when we have hurricanes it’s just going to spill over into my baseboards and my furniture and stuff,” Stephens said.

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Property lawyer Barry Ansbacher says homebuilders need to do better, but right now even the best builders are struggling to get work done.

“Supply chain issues are affecting even the best builders to deliver the products they want to deliver that customers have a right to expect in terms of fixtures, finishes, even just the workers installing those things” , said Ansbacher.

Davis says she just wants the house she paid for.

“If we could have what we paid for, the quality that we were shown in the model home, the upgrades we were promised, we would get the quality that we were shown, I don’t think we would consider move,” Davis said. .

Residents say that after reporting their complaints to the company, they brought employees into their homes, but say few issues have been resolved.

First Coast News contacted Richmond American Homes for comment but did not get a response.