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ROME: Italy announced Thursday that it has asked Pakistan to extradite the parents of a teenage girl suspected of having been murdered by her family after refusing an arranged marriage.

The announcement came after the announcement on Wednesday that Saman Abbas’ uncle, 18, had been arrested in Paris on charges of his murder alongside his parents and two of his cousins.

The case has sparked outrage in Italy and has made headlines since police began investigating the teenager’s disappearance in May. His body has yet to be found.

“Justice Minister Marta Cartabia (…) signed and sent to Pakistan the two extradition requests for the parents of Saman Abbas, who are under investigation for the murder of their daughter,” said Thursday the Ministry of Justice.

The prosecution announced on Wednesday the arrest on a European warrant of the teenager’s uncle in the Paris suburbs.

Saman Abbas, who lived in Novellara in northern Italy, last year turned down her family’s plans to marry her to a cousin in their home country of Pakistan.

While still a minor, she turned to social services and, in November, was transferred to a foster home.

She also reported her parents to the police, but returned to them on April 11. The police started looking for her on May 5, when officers came to her home and could not find anyone.

Late on April 29, five people could be seen walking out of the house with shovels, a crowbar and a bucket, and returning after about two and a half hours.

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