Kohler Company partners with The Real Deal and Best Plumbing Supply to host an event at the Kohler Experience Center in New York City during Climate Week 22′

Pictured (left to right): Yasemin Kologlu, Kimberley Petredis, Caleb Anderson, Laura Kohler

The Kohler Company has partnered with
The real deal and Best Plumbing Supply to host an event at the Kohler Experience Center in New York City during Climate Week 22′ that brought together a trio of AEC experts on the responsibility of manufacturers and the development community in the face of major societal changes like climate change, water shortages and urbanization. With a rapidly aging and increasingly urban population, the discussion, led by Kohler Company Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Stewardship and Sustainability, Laura Kohler, began with an urgent call for action to design sustainable products, living and working spaces that reduce environmental impact while accounting for changes induced by climate instability. It continued with an urgent call to action for manufacturers and the construction industry to unlock consumer adoption of more environmentally friendly products.

“The market is changing,” said Yasemin Kologlu, Design Director at SOM, a leading architecture and engineering firm with studios in the US and UK. “As designers, it’s our job to make sure that durability can be offered at all price points. I don’t think that should be our excuse any longer. Kologlu pointed out that companies like Kohler producing a wider range of sustainable products help him in his role as a designer, giving him the ability to deal with climate impact at “all levels of society”.

Caleb Anderson, Partner at Drake/Anderson stressed the importance of teaching customers and consumers the importance and benefits of products and spaces designed with respect for the environment. “Our responsibility as an industry is to come together and educate people,” said Anderson, who went on to say that sustainable products often stand out from the rest of what’s on offer because of their durability. “When we show our customers an innovative material that we are passionate about, it makes them enthusiastic.”

“One thing that people have always been really good at is seizing an opportunity and innovating to solve a problem,” said Kimberley Petredis, Director of Residential Interiors at FXCollaborative in Brooklyn. Petredis, who works with big-name developers around New York, said she’s seen increased interest in sustainable design over the past two years, in part thanks to people recognizing the need to address climate change. as well as more budgetary concerns. . “Depending on the type of product, you might actually save money in the long run by paying more upfront.”

Laura Kohler wrapped things up with a few lessons she learned from the discussion. She was using Kohler’s WasteLab as an example of his first lesson, that design and engineering need not conflict with sustainability. The WasteLab, which recovers materials destined for landfill and reuses them into manufactured materials like tiles, has taken off since its inception in 2019, with more demand for the products than the company can meet.

“Let’s try to use easy-to-understand language. Let’s bring everyone with us. Everyone’s participation counts. After all, our whole future is at stake.

“We’re starting to see a lot of really cool products and solutions,” said Caleb Anderson, who had the final say. “What excites me is that with challenge comes newfound creativity and innovation.”

The second lesson related to what Caleb Anderson said about generating excitement around sustainable products, and Kohler highlighted the importance of company associates in creating positive energy around products like those of WasteLab to build the momentum needed to bring about real change. The third lesson was about the need to produce environmentally friendly products at multiple price points now, not some distant time in the future, echoing Kimberley Petredis’ point that demand for these products is growing every day.

Finally, Kohler closed the discussion by calling on the AEC industry to be inclusive when talking about sustainability.

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