Leminar Air Conditioning Company signs distribution agreement with AEG Power Solutions

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Leminar Air Conditioning Company, the largest distributor of HVAC and plumbing products in the Middle East, has signed a distribution agreement with AEG Power Solutions, a global supplier of air conditioning systems and solutions. power supply for critical applications. The deal marks Leminar’s foray into the power generation industry while enhancing its data center services with the addition of another esteemed partner to its diverse portfolio.

AEG Power Solutions ensures continuous power availability and safe operation of critical applications through a broad portfolio of power systems and services. Recognized for its distinctive expertise and world-class engineering, the company designs and delivers secure power supply solutions through offerings such as AC and DC inverters, battery chargers, rectification systems and power systems. customized inverters as well as solutions for the energy transition such as the battery. energy storage and hydrogen production processes.

Commenting on the partnership, Frédéric Salon, Vice President SalesAEG Power Solutions said, “AEG Power Solutions’ partnership with Leminar Air Conditioning Company will enable it to ensure continuous power availability and safe operation of critical applications in the global marketplace. The alliance will strengthen our presence in the Middle East, allowing us to further expand our market reach through Leminar’s extensive network and distribution channels. »

Kartik Raval, General Manager, Air Conditioning Company Leminar said, “Leminar’s partnership with AEG Power Solutions will enable it to offer innovative solutions spanning the oil and gas, power generation, transportation, data and IT sectors. The agreement will enhance Leminar’s ability to meet the growing demands of the HVAC industry, particularly in providing data center solutions, while expanding AEG Power Solutions’ market reach for their systems. Commercial UPS through Leminar’s extensive distribution channels.