Local construction industry leaders launch high school training program to increase labor pool

The construction industry is experiencing a labor crisis, which is driving up costs or delaying many construction or housing projects in the Northwest.

On Wednesday, local industry leaders announced a plan to provide training for high school students in hopes of creating a pipeline in the industry.

Regional construction leaders have launched two programs to attract more young people to the industry. One, supported by the Spokane Homebuilders Association, will work in local schools and will first launch at Innovation High School. The program will operate like a carpentry workshop or workshop class, but instead of making birdhouses, students will learn the basics of building a house.

“They will be exposed to plumbing, electrical work and understand how a solar panel is installed and understand what it means to have good insulation and how it affects the temperature inside the house, and the end result, your utility bill. ‘electricity.”

Brian Burrows is the Development Director of the new initiative, Frame Your Future.

He said the second stage of the program will consist of demonstrations by local construction leaders, who can also put students in touch with future job opportunities.

The second will be a major recruiting effort by the local chapter of the General Contractors Association, which is focused on infrastructure projects.

Both groups say workers are desperately needed to meet housing demand and the many green energy and infrastructure projects recently funded by the federal government.