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Long-time excavation company Jones Excavating & Plumbing Company explains what questions to ask the plumber before hiring

BERTHOUD, CO, USA, May 31, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jones Excavating & Plumbing Company has been providing efficient and highly affordable plumbing services to residents and businesses for 64 years. They are professionals in their field who understand how important it is to learn about plumbing services before you put them to work.

Plumbing is a very risky business. If the pipes aren’t treated properly, or if the plumber someone is considering hiring isn’t an expert in their field, things could get even worse. Leaks or breakages may not be repaired properly and the job may take even longer than necessary.

So, what to ask before hiring?
There are a few important things one should ask or research before hiring a professional plumbing company. These questions include:
● Are they professional?
● What are their references?
● Do they provide correct estimates?
● What is their insurance policy?

These questions are essential. However, it should not be limited to these questions alone. If there is something else that a person is interested in, it is better to find out about it. Other areas of concern might include the procedures, materials, and equipment the company uses.

On top of that, it’s always important to review reviews, ask people you know, and do some internet research before contacting the right plumber. Plumbing is a big job that can require a lot of digging and removal of interior and exterior parts of the house to fix the pipes. Therefore, one should be very careful about the company they are planning to hire.

The company has earned a reputation for quality for the expert services it has provided over the past six decades. One of these testimonials perfectly sums up their hard work:
“Affordable, efficient and clean! We had Jones Plumbing install two new exterior pipe bibs on the house and install a gas line on our exterior patio so we could install a gas grill and fire pit. Their prices were fair and they were very efficient and clean. They dropped clothes through the house in the basement where they worked and cleaned up really well when they were done. We are contractors ourselves and my husband was very impressed with their work and cleanliness. We will definitely use them again!” -Denis B.
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Jones Excavating & Plumbing started in 1958 as a family business. Passed down to its fourth generation today, Jones Excavating & Plumbing is now a household name in Loveland and Burgdorf. The company offers quality work at affordable prices. Jones Excavating & Plumbing ensures every project is done right with a professional team and customer-focused service. The company has been recognized for its efforts with awards such as the 2019 Loveland Readers’ Choice Award for Best Plumber and the Berthoud Chambers Award for Best Company in 2019.

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