Man detained in Italy for death of Vietnamese migrants in UK | Italy

Italian police have arrested a man wanted by the UK in connection with a human trafficking plot that resulted in the deaths of 39 Vietnamese migrants in the back of a truck.

Stefan Damian Dragos, a 28-year-old Romanian citizen, is accused of providing the truck that transported the migrants to England, according to a police statement.

Dragos, who was arrested by the Milan police under a British arrest warrant, “belongs to a criminal organization dedicated to illegal immigration,” he added.

The 39 Vietnamese – the youngest of whom were two 15-year-old boys – suffocated in the container as they were transported to what they hoped would be new life in Britain.

Their bodies were discovered inside the sealed unit at a port near London in October 2019.

The case has shed shocking new light on efforts by migrants to reach Britain and gangs exploiting their desperation.

The leaders of the smuggling gang, Ronan Hughes and Gheorghe Nica, were convicted of 39 counts of manslaughter by a London court earlier this year and sentenced to 20 years and 27 years in prison respectively.

Drivers Maurice Robinson and Eamonn Harrison were also sentenced to 13 and 18 years in prison respectively.

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