Mpumalanga Plumbing Traveling Trade Show comes to Mbombela

The Traveling Plumbing Show (PTE) is a natural follow-up to a static professional event in the heart of the region, to allow plumbing players from outlying regions to exchange with manufacturers and suppliers of plumbing products. and water. and services.

The Institute of Plumbing SA will conduct workshops on the cost of doing business and typical geyser and drainage faults during the exhibition, with access to the exhibition and workshops being free. Plumbing is commonly referred to as an “invisible utility” and reveals itself when something is wrong, like an overflowing toilet, clogged drain, no hot water, or that awful smell that suddenly appears.

It simply means that the plumbing was done incorrectly in the first place – either non-conforming products were used and/or an unqualified person claimed to be a plumber. Worse still, few people maintain the plumbing parts that make up the whole thing. Called preventive maintenance, it is unfortunately something that South Africans do not know how to do at all.

Contractors will appreciate the importance of regular maintenance, as plumbing forms a significant part of the cost of building and developing affordable housing, especially in the Mpumalanga region, with the requirement of regular maintenance so that the return on investment either achieved or improved. You might think maintenance is a grudge purchase, but just consider replacing an entire line of underground pipes because the roots ripped out your water supply or drainpipe.

Regular maintenance will always be less expensive than a replacement! So, by bringing plumbing technology to commerce in Mbombela and Mpumalanga, we enable and empower plumbers to stay up to date with mandatory standards and changing laws that ensure plumbing is done correctly and is an investment, and not a quick fix, performed by qualified plumbers. and wet service engineers.

This gives the reader the comfort of knowing that their home and workplace are safe and healthy at all times and that water and waste, which can carry a number of deadly diseases, are kept at bay. After all, the plumber protects the health of the nation, and PTE is proud to bring the technology to you at the show today at Lowveld High on May 12th.