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Camposol Heating & Maintenance CHM has been helping customers in Murcia with their home maintenance needs for almost two decades

Leaks, broken boilers, faulty air conditioning… things can go wrong in a Spanish home at any time, normally at the worst possible time, when you least expect it.

That’s why it’s always comforting to know that there are established, quality professionals near you, ready to help you with whatever your problem, at any time of the day.

Many customers find themselves unable to communicate with their Spanish competitors, mainly due to the language. We make sure our customers can work with an English speaking engineer, who will liaise with Spanish suppliers and engineers so they don’t have to.

Hundreds of regular and satisfied customers in South Murcia have trusted Camposol Heating & Maintenance (CHM), based in Camposol Sector C, with their home maintenance needs, having been helping area homeowners for over 18 years. year.

Water leaks

If you have a water leak in your home or garden, CHM can find the source of the leak and fix it for you. Plus, they can even install backup water tanks in your home or property to ensure you never run out of water and have a fully pumped water deposit system just for you.

Air conditioner

CHM installs the popular and high quality Baxi air conditioning units suitable for all types of Spanish properties, both domestic and commercial, to cool in the summer, heat in the winter and even dehumidify if required.

To save money

With the cost of electricity in Spain rising rapidly, it’s good to know that there are alternatives. CHM are experts in the installation of oil fired central heating, gas central heating and gas water heaters – whatever suits your needs to reduce your dependence on electricity and save money on your utility bills. energy.


643 Calle Baeza, Camposol, 30875, Murcia

Such : +34 968 199 184
Mobile: +34 646 965 082


Camposol Heating & Maintenance CHM: central heating, air conditioning and more in Murcia

Camposol Heating & Maintenance SL (CHM) specializes in the installation of central heating (oil and gas), air conditioning, gas and electric water heaters, emergency water tanks and general plumbing.

Based in Camposol Sector C, CHM has been present in Murcia for over 18 years, serving satisfied customers with new central heating and air conditioning systems.

CHM is a legally registered company, which means they can formally and legitimately install gas, oil and refrigerant installations in your home in Spain, helping you avoid trouble with cowboy plumbers and unregistered workers.

Although based in Camposol they cover a 35km radius of the Region of Murcia which means they can service radiators and boilers all over South Murcia, from Lorca and Mazarrón to Cartagena and the Mar Menor, and they have hundreds of satisfied, repeat customers in this area.

Camposol Heating & Maintenance CHM: central heating, air conditioning and more in MurciaThey have on-call, ready-to-help mobile employees who can offer robust after-hours backup and maintenance service.

In addition, CHM only works with legal and quality suppliers and large established manufacturers such as Baxi and Junkers, due to their commitment to guaranteeing a high level of after-sales service for customers.

What services do they offer?

  1. Gas central heating
    CHM is installing gas central heating with thermostatically controlled British style convection heaters for maximum efficiency. These panel heaters, which have copper piping, are not sectional, making them less likely to leak in the future.
  2. Gas water heating
    Save hundreds of euros a year on your electricity bills with the CHM by switching to gas water heating! With the alarming increase in the cost of electricity in Spain, it makes sense to realize instant savings with an easy to install gas water heating system.
  3. Oil fired central heating
    They can also supply you with the same type of British style convection heaters but using oil fired central heating so you can ‘pay as you go’ and only pay for the hot water and heating you use. All their oil tanks – Baxi Roca, combi boilers – are double skinned, so even if there is a leak in the internal tank, it is retained by the second skin. We install.
  4. Emergency water tanks
    Make sure you never run out of water by installing a fully pumped water deposit system in your home – just choose the size and type that’s right for your needs!
  5. Air conditioner
    Get home and commercial air conditioning with inverter technology to cool, heat and even dehumidify your property. All air conditioning units supplied by CHM come with a two-year warranty and back-up service from the manufacturer Baxi.
  6. Leak detection and repair
    Contact CHM to quickly and safely locate the source of water leaks, whether indoors or outdoors, and have it repaired as soon as possible.

…and much more!

For more information on how Camposol Heating & Maintenance can help you with all your central heating, gas, water, air conditioning and plumbing leak problems, contact them today on +34 968 199 184 / +34 646 965 082 or email [email protected] com