Naples: a new Italian film mocks the Camorra

Benvenuti in casa Esposito laughs at the Camorra.

Mocking the Camorra – the notorious mafia group based in the Campania region around Naples – is the subject of a new film directed by Gianluca Ansanelli.

Benvenuti in casa Esposito, which debuts in cinemas in Campania on September 23, is a comedy whose aim is to ridicule the scourge of organized crime in Naples.

At the center of the story is Tonino, played by Giovanni Esposito, who fails to be taken seriously either within the Camorra or by his family, despite his best efforts.

After the death of his father Gennaro – a senior Camorra official – it is decided that Don Pietro De Luca (played by Francesco Di Leva) should take the place of the former boss in place of the hapless Tonino who is put in the ‘difference.

Things take another comedic turn when Tonino, the film’s anti-hero, learns that his daughter has fallen in love with the son of a judge who is investigating Don Pietro’s illicit activities.

Tonino’s family is divided by this love affair, between those who oppose it and those who see it as an opportunity.

“The weapon of laughter is used to exorcise one of the most heinous evils of our time: the Camorra” – explained Ansanelli during the premiere in Naples of his film which he based on the book by Pino Imperatore.

“It’s comedy and tragedy” – Ansanelli told ANSA news agency – “a risky combination which is perhaps the most faithful way to portray a complex city”.

“Just like Tonino Esposito, in fact, Naples also has two faces: on one side there is its dark soul, made of illegality, brutality, ignorance, and on the other its beautiful side is made of humanity, warmth, intelligence, generosity, happiness. ”

Francesco Di Leva told ANSA: ‘As Neapolitans we know these tragedies well, there are also children in real life who reject criminal fathers. As an actor, I like to ridicule these characters. ”

The film is also bursting with color, music and atmosphere of Naples, described as a “comedic and tragic” city by actor and cast member Peppe Lanzetta.

Who are the Camorra?

La Camorra is Campania’s regional mafia group, the oldest of its kind in Italy, concentrated in and around Naples.

The group is involved in the production of counterfeit money, money laundering, drug trafficking, racketeering, illegal waste disposal and political corruption.

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