‘No disrespect to Chris Paul, but Devin Booker loss gives Pelicans the two best players on the pitch’: Draymond Green thinks age will be a barrier for CP3

Warriors forward Draymond Green believes Devin Booker’s injury will significantly hurt Phoenix’s chances, adding that the Pelicans now have the two best players on the field.

Injuries continue to haunt the Suns come playoff time, with Devin Booker on the receiving end this time around. The Suns superstar, who went nuclear in the first half of Game 2 against the Pelicans, would suffer a hamstring injury in the 3rd quarter, which would see him miss the playoffs for the next two to three weeks.

D-Book’s injury would result in the Pelicans stealing one on the road, with Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum leading. Suns guard Chris Paul, who had a great game in Game 1 of the season, struggled on the field in Game 2 but had 14 assists.

With the series tied 1-1 and Game 3 in New Orleans, things look scary for Monty Williams and his men. The Suns were the top chip contenders, having the most successful regular season in franchise history. However, many believe that a title is almost impossible without the services of Booker.

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During a segment of his podcast, Draymond Green opened up about D-Book’s injury. The former DPOY called the injury a big loss for Phoenix, adding that the Pelicans now have the two best players on the court.

Draymond Green means no disrespect to Chris Paul.

With Booker injured, the Pelicans can upset the Suns. Although the Phoenix team has one of the greatest point guards in CP3, age doesn’t seem to be on their side, which was evident in Game 2. The above notion is something Green also resonated with.

The Warriors forward went even further, saying the Pelicans now have the best two players in the series. Although he didn’t take any names, we assume Dray meant Ingram and McCollum. The three-time champion made it clear he meant no disrespect to Paul, saying the following.

“It’s a big loss for Phoenix. This loss gives New Orleans the best two players on the court, which is hard to overcome. Now, no disrespect to CP, CP is 37, I don’t think not personally that CP is going to give it all to you for 48 straight minutes at that age, he can give it to you through stretches, but to carry the load for 48 straight minutes game after game… that’s a very hard thing to do. So we know that CPs are capable, but it’s very very difficult to do.

(2:00 p.m. mark)

Green further added that the veteran guard should play at both ends of the court. Calling it unfortunate, Dray added that injuries are a regular part of the playoffs, and that’s the hand Phoenix got.

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It’s disheartening to see the Suns struggling with injuries again come playoff time, having already taken the brunt of Paul’s shoulder injury in last year’s playoffs.