North Texas Plumbing Now Has Medical Gas Installers

North Texas Plumbing, based in Watauga, TX, is pleased to announce that it provides medical gas piping services. North Texas Plumbing has made a name for itself providing high quality plumbing services to residents and businesses in Watauga and surrounding communities.

As North Texas Plumbing explains, medical gas supply systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities are used to supply specialty gases and gas mixtures to various parts of the facility. To ensure that these systems can deliver the gases to the areas where they are needed, there must be a complex system of medical plumbing that requires special grade copper. Although plumbing medical gas systems is a similar process to other types of plumbing and requires running pipes through floors, ceilings, and walls, it requires more expertise from plumbers ( because they deal with very sensitive systems).

North Texas Plumbing is a commercial service specializing in medical gas installations and plumbing services for new construction and remodeling of medical facilities where it is necessary to use medical gas piping. North Texas Plumbing is happy to share that they are fully licensed and insured for medical gas work. The company team of medical gas plumbers can custom design the right medical gas system for each installation and ensure the job is done perfectly, from initial design to completion.

The company provides its services to all kinds of medical institutions. They have worked with hospitals, veterinary clinics and surgeries, surgery centers, dental facilities, emergency rooms and other healthcare facilities. They provide a full service that covers everything from oxygen and nitrous oxide piping to the installation of medical gas manifolds, medical air compressors and medical aspirators and more.

Marc Sims of North Texas Plumbing says, “To be a medical gas installer you have to be more than just a plumber. This is specialist work, and you must be trained and certified in installing medical gas piping systems. Only licensed medical gas installation specialists should install medical gas lines. We are happy to say that our medical gas installers are specifically certified by the State of Texas as medical gas installers. North Texas Plumbing specializes in the installation of medical gas lines for new construction as well as renovations and repairs. When you work with us, you can be sure that everyone medical gas plumber is committed to your safety and the health of your patients.

Although the company specializes in medical gas plumbing, it also provides a host of other services. As well as the standard range of plumbing work, they also provide grease trap installation services. Sims says, “Across the full range of services we provide, we are committed to our customers. This means that in addition to high-quality plumbing services and excellent customer support, you can also count on hassle-free flat rate pricing, which means everyone pays the same reasonable price, regardless of party. of the city or neighborhood in which you live. Medical plumbing or normal plumbing, we are here for you!

North Texas Plumbing knows what they are doing and their services have earned them accolades from their clients. In a 5-star Google review, C. Johnson says, “I can’t recommend these guys highly enough! They were quick, kind, professional and courteous. I keep telling my friend’s daughter that disposable wipes shouldn’t be rinsed off, but she’s a teenager and knows it all. And now she’s a teenager who can only use regular toilet paper. They were understanding and gave my tips well! »

In another review, S. Fare writes, “Highly recommend North Texas Plumbing! I called for an emergency water main break, and he came out the same day. After several estimates, I chose North Texas Plumbing, and they did a fantastic job for a very reasonable price. He fixed the slab leak quickly as promised. I will definitely call on him again for all my future plumbing needs.

Those who want to learn more about North Texas Plumbing and the range of services they provide besides medical gas plumbing should visit their official website for more information. Marc Sims encourages interested parties to contact him or another company representative by phone or e-mail.


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