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North Texas Plumbing offers a grease trap and grease trap plumber services including repair, maintenance and installation in Dallas Fort Worth and throughout North Texas.

Fats, oils, and grease, or as it’s abbreviated in plumbing lingo as FOG, are a homeowner’s worst plumbing nightmare. They are a common byproduct of regular activities such as cooking and cleaning. The number of people living in the house and the type of food eaten regularly dictates the amount of harmful sludge that is dumped down the drain. The collection and accumulation of FOG can lead to problems such as clogged drains, water backing up the pipes due to said blockages, and putrid odors emanating from the drains.

One solution to lessen the damage caused by greases, oils and greases and to increase the life of the plumbing system is to use a grease interceptor. A grease interceptor, also known by other names such as a grease catcher or a grease separator, has the primary purpose of trapping FOG before it enters the waste water system. It traps the sludge and lets it sit for a period of time before separating into three layers: an upper layer made up of oils that are lighter than water, an intermediate layer of water, and a lower layer for solid waste. Some fat interceptors also have strainers that facilitate the collection and disposal of solid waste.

Grease traps are an asset to residences, but are considered essential for commercial establishments that manufacture and serve food. Due to the sheer volume of cooking that occurs in the kitchens of restaurants and other commercial properties that serve food, having a grease trap on the property is non-negotiable. In many cities, local laws require the installation of a grease trap on properties owned by commercial or institutional food service providers. For example, the City of Dallas Code, Chapter 19, Section 19-126.2(c) specifies that all grease traps must be completely emptied and cleaned by a licensed hauler. Interceptors should be cleaned as often as necessary, but at least every 90 days, or whenever 25% or more of the interceptor contains floating matter, sediment, oils or grease. When it comes to maintaining a grease trap, businesses can count on the services offered by professionals, like those at North Texas Plumbing, to ensure the long-term health of their property’s plumbing.

A spokesperson for North Texas Plumbing speaks of the need for grease trap maintenance services saying, “While there are many reasons why plumbing can eventually fail such as age, soil conditions corrosion or the uncontrolled growth of tree roots on the property that breach the pipes, the spectrum of dealing with FOG is different. Indeed, their disposal is entirely under the control of the owners or commercial operators. Depending on how disciplined one is when practicing safe disposal of materials down the drain, it can make a huge difference to the longevity of a property’s plumbing system. But despite your best efforts, if you run a commercial catering business, it can be difficult to ensure that your plumbing is in top condition all year round. You always run the risk of being shut down for repair if the problem gets out of control if the components of your plumbing system are not serviced and maintained diligently and regularly. You can’t afford to shut down your business for a single day and lose potential revenue, especially when the cost of regular inspections and maintenance is extremely affordable and negligible compared to potential losses. When you’re ready to invest in the health of your property and the equipment on it, there’s only one name in the DFW metro area you can call for maintenance services. Reliable and Cost Effective Grease Interceptors – North Texas Plumbing. Call us today and we will send our best technicians to your site to perform a thorough inspection of your plumbing infrastructure and perform the necessary maintenance tasks.

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