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Question: Ed: My old shower mixer and my shower enclosure have come to an end. I’m going to have to install a brand new shower stall with new plumbing and new fixtures. My old valve did both water flow and temperature mixing. Is it still possible?

Answer: You can install what is commonly called a custom shower enclosure. This is a shower enclosure designed and installed to your specifications. Usually they cost more than a standard shower enclosure, but you should end up with all the features you want. Meet with your plumber and/or contractor to discuss the scope of work, then they will design the stand with the necessary fixtures to meet local codes.

When it comes to plumbing valves, many custom showers include three basic controls:

1. Water on/off with volume settings for water flow.

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2. Water temperature control with safety limits.

3. Diverter valve(s) to shift water flow to different showerheads.

These days, you can even go electronic with digital push-button shower control valves. Some custom shower enclosures may include fashion lighting and even audio systems. So you might find yourself in a custom shower stall with two volume controls: one for blasting water and one for blasting music.

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