Plumbing Industry Trends and Market Outlook in 2022

Plumbing is a critical industry to the functioning of any economy.

It is an industry so vital to modern society that it is a critical sign of the health of a civilization. However, all industries have been affected since the pandemic, including the plumbing industry.


If you are a plumber or own a plumbing business, you need to be aware of industry trends. You also need to know the market outlook to understand how to best position your business and take advantage of any changes in the industry.

Here are some of the plumbing industry trends and market outlook for 2022:

Adopt software solutions

Most people don’t think of software when they hear about plumbing. An effective estimating process has always been necessary but difficult for plumbers and plumbing companies. However, since the pandemic, various issues have plagued the industry, such as supply chain shortages, causing plumbers to need more accurate estimating methods.

Walk in commercial plumbing estimating software instead of Excel spreadsheets. The software helps plumbers process plumbing estimates as part of a larger plumbing business process. More plumbers and plumbing companies will adopt plumbing software solutions in 2022.

Increased online presence

Most people are currently looking for information online, including finding plumbers. Therefore, you should expect more plumbers and plumbing companies to increase their online presence in 2022. It used to be that a plumber could do just fine based on referrals and yellow pages listings, but this is no longer the case.

Having a bigger online presence is not only good for growing your plumbing business, but it’s also now mandatory. A plumbing business must have a website and use various digital marketing strategies like SEO. Social media is also a tool every plumbing business should leverage in 2022 and a trend you will continue to see.

More home repairs

The market outlook for the plumbing industry in 2022 involves doing more home repairs. the current house prices are very high, meaning that people are choosing to invest in their current homes instead of looking for new ones. The home repair, transplant and renovation markets are expected to grow given the housing market.

Single-family homes and multi-family properties will be the main drivers of the increase in home repairs. Loans for these families remain high, so they will have the funds to invest in their homes, including plumbing work.

Increased demand for smart plumbing fixtures

Technology is central to the outlook for the plumbing industry. More and more homeowners are asking for smart plumbing fixtures. Smart appliances are fantastic, and younger generations want smart water heaters, sensors on plumbing systems, and touchless plumbing fixtures.

It is necessary to have a good plumber to install these devices, but it will be different from traditional plumbing jobs. Therefore, plumbing companies will need to invest in technology and employee training to meet consumer demand.

Reducing water consumption and energy costs is also crucial for younger generations, and plumbers will have to adjust to integrating such fixture installations into their services.

More mobile communication

Traditionally, you would call a plumber and he would come to your home to inspect the plumbing to diagnose any issues or determine any upgrades needed. However, in 2022, plumbers will have to adopt mobile communication. Customers currently prefer digital communication over face-to-face communication.

Plumbers may have to diagnose various plumbing issues using video calls to remote locations instead of being physically present. Plumbers in 2022 will have no choice but to embrace digital and mobile communication, which could benefit them.

The plumbing industry is changing rapidly, primarily through technology. Industry trends that the plumbing industry can expect in 2022 include adoption of software solutions, increased online presence, more home repairs, increased demand for smart plumbing, and increased mobile communications. The market outlook for the plumbing industry in 2022 is promising for those who take advantage of it.