Plumbing Licenses Announcement Welcomed – FBC News

The approval of plumbers will ensure the delivery of quality work.

This announcement by the government to license plumbers was welcomed by the Water Authority of Fiji.

The Authority’s chief executive, Dr Amit Chanan, said plumbers provide an essential service in Fijian society and the quality of their work underpins the safety of our homes and commercial buildings.

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He added that this was an area WAF was working on as it is imperative to have qualified and certified licensed plumbers in Fiji.

Chanan also pointed out that the task of providing the necessary training facilities and examinations for Fijians who wish to apply and obtain certification in this profession will be facilitated by the Fiji National University.

Acting FNU Chancellor and Board Chair Tessa Price acknowledged the efficiency and integration of previously issued licenses into one.

She says the licensing requirement enhances the credibility, relevance and specialist skill set of plumbers who have undertaken studies at FNU.

Tessa reinforced the university’s commitment to ensuring that it continues to provide the qualifications and professional training needed to meet national needs.