State Issues Official ‘Warning’ to Colorado Springs Plumbing Company Linked to Wellness Walk-In Tubs

The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) has issued a formal warning against Colorado Springs-based Jolly Plumbing and Heating.

News 5 investigations revealed that the company had ties to Wellness Walk-In Tubs, a shower and tub renovation company at the center of several News 5 investigative reports.

Customers say Wellness Tubs did shoddy work and charged them for permits that weren’t obtained.

In May, Pikes Peak Regional Building posted a 2-year “incident letter” in the company’s file regarding a complaint filed by Colorado Springs owner Richard Muszynski.

Muszynski claims Wellness Tubs left her terminally ill 7-year-old daughter with an ‘unusable’ tub and fraudulently charged permits that were not revoked. He testified before the Pikes Peak Regional Building Licensing Board that substandard plumbing work put his daughter’s life in danger of being electrocuted.

Sean Welch, the owner of Wellness Tubs, accused the contracting company, Jolly Plumbing, of failing to obtain electrical and plumbing permits in Muszynski’s case. However, the board ruled that as the owner of the business, Welch is responsible for ensuring that authorized and satisfactory work is carried out.

DORA’s action against Jolly Plumbing stems from a separate case involving Galene Connell, owner of Trinidad.

“I worked and put away all my money to get what I needed for my future and it’s not working,” Connell told News 5 Investigates.

Connell paid nearly $15,000 to make his bathroom accessible to the ADA.

“Everything was going wrong,” Connell said. “(They) ruined the floor, ruined the plumbing, ruined the electrics. Everything was just wrong.

News 5 Investigators found that the proper electrical and plumbing permits had not been picked up by Jolly Plumbing, even though Wellness Tubs charged “permits and fees” in an invoice Connell provided to us.

In this case, DORA dismissed Connell’s complaint against Wellness Tubs and sent a “warning letter” to Jolly Plumbing.

In response, Jolly Plumbing sent KOAA 5 the following information:

Since 2016, Jolly Plumbing has carried out numerous works for Wellness Tubs, each time as a subcontractor. Jolly Plumbing’s scope of work for Wellness Tubs was to plug water lines and identify the location of the raw tub drain for Wellness Tubs. Wellness Tubs would then step in and carry out additional plumbing work for which permits may be required, including the actual installation of the tubs. Our agreement was that Jolly Plumbing would only cover minor work that did not require any additional permits apart from the general contractor’s permit. Jolly Plumbing was advised by Mr. Welch that Wellness Tubs would withdraw all required general contractor permits. Our small plumbing jobs would be covered by Wellness permits. Jolly Plumbing advised – in writing – to Mr. Welch and Wellness Tubs that we would withdraw all required permits, but Mr. Welch assured us that if a plumbing permit was required, Mr. Welch would contact Jolly Plumbing. It was only because of the DORA complaint that we discovered that Wellness was not removing GC permits for any of their work or notifying Jolly that we needed to remove the required permits. We have taken Mr. Welch’s word to our own detriment, and we have addressed this issue internally in order to avoid this issue in the future.

Welch told KOAA 5 that he no longer works with Jolly Plumbing due to the issues he encountered, but is supportive of the company’s performance.

After asking Jolly Plumbing if Welch cut ties with them, Jolly Plumbing sent News 5 evidence showing it was in fact the company that cut ties with Wellness Tubs.

Jolly Plumbing’s Duty Manager sent the following message to Wellness Tubs on May 7, 2019:

The ownership of Jolly Plumbing has made a decision regarding our continued work with building wellness. Due to recent licensing issues, as well as the complaint that received negative attention from the media as well as the Better Business Bureau, Jolly Plumbing’s ownership had decided that the only way for him to get his license in game is if we were to have one of our licensed plumbers on site from start to finish of every project. As a duty manager who assigns the duties of the plumbers who do the wellness tubs, I cannot meet this requirement. Unfortunately, this means that from this date, 5/7/19, Jolly Plumbing will no longer be a contractor for wellness construction. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Wellness Walk-In Tubs review:

News 5 Investigates made several attempts to sit on camera with Wellness Walk-In Tubs owner Sean Welch. Welch initially agreed to speak about the customer issues we reported, but canceled.

His office assistant claimed he was involved in a car accident two weeks ago. Our request to postpone the interview went unanswered.

BBB rating update:

As we reported, the BBB has temporarily removed the “A+” rating from Wellness Walk-In Tubs while investigating a set of consumer complaints. On June 5, 2019 at 10:30 p.m., the company’s “A+” rating was restored.

Here is the BBB’s explanation:

In April 2019, BBB investigated the business practices of Wellness Walk-In Tubs. This investigation was triggered by a review by a customer and regular inquiries/complaints about the business. Consumers reported that the company was performing plumbing work without the proper licenses and permits. BBB asked the company to provide documentation regarding these specific allegations. Although Wellness Walk-In Tubs has reported that it has subcontracted this work to another company, it has been determined by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department that Wellness Walk-In Tubs should still be responsible for ensuring that licenses and the appropriate permits are in place as a contractor. For the job. In May 2019, the company responded and provided requested documentation to the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado.

Wellness Walk-In Tubs remains a BBB accredited business.

Jolly Plumbing and Heating also remains a BBB Accredited and A+ rated company.