Volt registered as a political party in Malta

Volt Malta has been officially accepted as a political party with the intention of running candidates in future local, national and European elections.

The party is an offshoot of Volt Europa, a European party currently represented by one MEP in Germany, three MEPs in the Netherlands and dozens of regional elected representatives in Germany, Italy and Bulgaria.

Its platform includes promoting the decriminalization of abortion, a focus on transparent governance and the separation of powers and the need for a circular economy.

Volt will also call for the classification of all contraceptives as essential drugs and push for a humanitarian approach to European asylum systems.

The organization set its sights on Malta last year when it announced its intention to run in the next general election.

Volt Congress in Rome in 2019.

It started when the UK started the Brexit process in 2017, in reaction to what they describe as ‘the weakened political climate in the EU’.

The organization is divided into local sections for each country, all of which have common policies based on “best practices” from the policy.

He said in a statement on Tuesday that he emphasized a pragmatic best practice approach by looking at issues from a European perspective with European solutions rather than from a national perspective.

The current board is administered by President Arnas Lasys and Vice President Alexia DeBono.

Volt said he firmly believes that a growing number of current issues, such as climate change, tax fraud and evasion, and an increasingly multipolar world, cannot be addressed by a single country by Europe, but by a stronger and more democratic European Union.

The party invited all people whose values ​​align with Volt to apply for membership, which gives them membership in Volt Malta and Volt Europa, being part of a larger European community, and to be represented by the MP European, deputies and other elected representatives across Europe. .

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