WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar touts company’s ‘creative momentum’ as Discovery merger closes

Jason Kilar officially stepped down as CEO of WarnerMedia this week ahead of WarnerMedia/Discovery’s shutdown. Earlier today, the merger officially closed and as expected, the outgoing CEO of WarnerMedia released a statement about his tenure at the studio. In a series of tweetthe executive bragged about all the successes the studio had had while in charge.

“Today is the last day of operation for WarnerMedia as it becomes Warner Bros. Discovery. To mark the occasion, I’m taking a moment to share important things, including about the WarnerMedia team and creative partners with which we work,” the former WanerMedia executive continued. “I’m going to start by sharing a graph on our creative momentum. There are many ways to assess the creativity of a team. None is perfect, of course. I’ve never seen a team be so recognized by its peers, critics and the public that this team has been recognized this awards season.”

Kilar went on to detail the rest of the company’s successes and future. This included the studios slate of upcoming movies and series featuring the likes of black adam, Wonka, Dunes 2, the flash, Aquaman 2, Dragon House, The staircase, The White House Plumbers, hacks, The stewardess, Westworld, and more. The future of studios looks bright, but it’s very expensive.

The Wanermedia/Discovery merger comes at the cost of many jobs, which is expected with such a big move. Ann Sarnoff, CEO of Warner Bros. Pictures, and HBO Max boss Andy Forssell, were recently fired from the company. Not much is currently known about the studio’s future, but it’s safe to say we’ll find out sooner rather than later. Earlier, the outgoing CEO of Warnermedia issued an official statement on his departure. Here is a small part of what Kilar had to say:

“With the conclusion of the pending transaction with Discovery, it’s a great time to share with each of you that I will be leaving this incredible company. There are a lot of feelings one could have at a time like this one, but for me there is none greater, or more lasting, than the feelings of gratitude and love I have for this team, this company and this mission. I’ve never been happier professionally. I’ve never been happier professionally. This team – and what we’ve built together – are why. We lead the industry creatively. We’ve elevated technology, products and design at the highest levels of the company. We operate as one team, proudly and successfully going directly to consumers around the world. It has been deeply rewarding to look into the future alongside you, and to do it with conviction.”

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