Why Silvio Berlusconi wants Draghi to remain Italian Prime Minister

(Bloomberg) – Prime Minister Mario Draghi has won praise for leading Italy through the Covid-19 pandemic while tackling its sluggish economy, bloated bureaucracy and controversial domestic politics – and even former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi says he is impressed.

“The prime minister is working well,” Berlusconi said earlier this week, “but we know the unity of the nation is temporary”. Berlusconi, who has led three governments, said he hopes Draghi will stay until the end of his term in 2023, rather than taking over the role of president, which could be opened from early next year. .

The former prime minister is as cunning a politician as Italy has ever seen. What exactly is he doing? It’s no secret that the 85-year-old is coveting the job himself, seeing it as the logical end to his 30-year political career.

Although it is long on symbolic value and short on real power, the job does matter: the president has the final say in the appointment of prime ministers, a responsibility that has proven to be crucial for the country to be. many times.

Incumbent Sergio Mattarella could technically sign for a second term when his tenure expires in January, but he made headlines recently when he was seen looking for a house in Rome, a sign he has intends to leave the opulent presidential palace of the Quirinal in Rome.

Draghi has been the favorite among punters to take his place, as most observers believe the former European Central Bank president is unlikely to go through an election campaign leading a coalition.

Flattery is therefore perhaps the last card Berlusconi has to play as a blocking move, and it is nothing if not persistent. “I feel good,” the ex-prime minister told Il Giornale, a Milan daily owned by his family. “I even went on a diet.

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