Wichita construction company enters consent judgment with Sedgwick County

WICHITA, Kan. (KWCH) – A Wichita home improvement and construction company has entered into a consent judgment with the district attorney’s office. The District Attorney’s Consumer Protection Division investigated Hillson Construction LLC after receiving complaints from three separate consumers. A consent judgment resolves a dispute without an admission of guilt.

The district attorney’s office alleged that Hillson violated the Kansas Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) by failing to provide each affected consumer with a three-day right of cancellation under a service contract. home renovation. The Consumer Protection Division also alleged that the work performed by Hillson failed to provide consumers with a material benefit. While Hillson denied violating the KCPA, the company accepted a consent judgment to settle the case. As part of the settlement, Hillson paid more than $23,000 at the time of settlement, including $17,000.00 in damages that will be returned to affected consumers. The court imposed a civil penalty of $3,000.00, plus additional investigation costs and court costs.

As part of the consent judgment, Hillson promised not to perform or subcontract work that it is not licensed or qualified to perform. Future door-to-door sales will also include appropriate notification of the three-day right to cancel. The consent judgment includes an injunction not to engage in deceptive and/or impermissible acts in the future. Hillson has agreed to cooperate in the investigation of any future complaints.

Contractors for many residential projects must be qualified and licensed, in their own name, by the Metropolitan Area Building and Construction Department (MABCD). Works, including electrical and plumbing, may also require permits. Any person canvassing or offering his services outside his establishment is also required to provide customers with a specific notice, oral and written, informing the consumer that he can terminate the contract within three days.

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