X-ray technology company chooses Nordic Cleanroom for ISO 7 construction

Nordic Cleanroom has been chosen to supply a new ISO class 7 cleanroom to the Swedish company LuxBright

From left to right: Mattias Karlsson, Product Manager at Nordic Cleanroom; Marie Chalardyaem, R&D at LuxBright; Richard Palmqvist, production manager; Klas Forsberg, CEO and co-founder of Nordic Cleanroom
Image credit: Nordic Cleanroom

Nordic Cleanroom has completed a project for the Swedish company Luxbright, based in Gothenburg. The X-ray imaging specialist needed to expand its clean room for a critical part of its X-ray tube manufacturing process.

The new expansion is part of LuxBright’s new push to develop and market a new generation of X-ray tubes. To do this and improve accuracy and quality, the company needed an ISO class 7 clean room.

LuxBright CEO Mats Alm unveiled the new cleanroom in August 2022 in front of a celebrating board of directors.

Working with ventilation specialist Velco West, Nordic provided specialized ventilation, cooling and plumbing to the cleanroom.

“We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our team and the Nordic Cleanroom AB team for their hard work in making this happen. This has been a collaborative effort and we hope the success will continue in the future,” LuxBright commented in a post. LinkedIn post.